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Friday, August 27, 2010

Y block Party is open to everyone.

Saturday, August 28th
6pm to 9pm
McCleskey-East Cobb Family Y
Front Soccer Fields
FREE Event for you and your family!
We are providing you with a night of fun to include................

A LIVE Band to rock out to!!!
A 22' Dual Action Inflatable Slide!
The Insane Rock Climb Obstacle Course!
and ...A
Primary Castle Moon Bounce!
The Balloon Lady will be there to make a special creation
just for you!!!!
We'll throw in some free popcorn to munch on!
Ice Cream and Drinks will be available for purchase
(all proceeds benefit PWY)
Come join us and bring the family!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crape Myrtles

I don't know if you are like us or not.  But we inherited a very overgrown yard.  We have several Crape Myrtles in our yard.  And some of them are so tall you don't see the flowers until they are dropping onto the yard.  I'm clueless about plants.
I got this article from Walter Reeves blog and it has a great link to UGA article on Crape Myrtles.
How and when to prune and how to start a new tree.  Right now is the time if you are wanting to start a seedling.  And winter to early spring is the best time to prune. Read the articles to know more.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Parents Magazine Subscription $4 (Coupons!)- from Deal Seeking Mom

Deal Seeking Mom had this on her blog and I thought I would share.  Read more about the deal and the coupons in this magazine here on her blog.  This is a great Magazine and a great deal!

New Garbage Company in Town

There is a new garbage company in town. American Disposal Services.  We saved over half of what we were paying quarterly. We did have to sign a 1yr contract which keeps our rate at the same price for a year.  There was a solicitor going door to door in our neighborhood.  We double checked all info and decided to try them.  We also had to pay for the 1st quarter up front.  We are hoping that their price doesn't go up to match what we had, but hey this year we are saving a good deal of money. They pick up the trash once a week on the same it was before. We love having the 64 gallon recycling container.  We have used their service for about a month now.  They don't seem to have gotten a schedule down yet.  Each week they have come a different times.  But at the end of the the day the trash and recycling has been picked up.
Individual Subscription Services include:
* Indicates fee when applicable.