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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Consignmnet Sale: Selling Tips

Consignment Sale: Selling Tips

I've consigned, worked, volunteered and help run a consignment sale. Fall consignment sales are in full swing and I thought I might share some tips that will help with either current sales or getting ready for spring sales.  Many consignment sales you cannot enter in your items year round. Which means you have mounds of stuff to enter in all at once. This can be overwhelming which aids in procrastination.  A vicious cycle.

Tip 1: I started sorting as my son grew out of things.  Donate, Sell, and Toss.  Any thing that I wanted to sell I was hanging up in the spare closet.  Many of you have a wire rake in a basement.  This helps because you will know how many wire hangers you need and keeps the clothes is better shape. (Most sales require wire hangers.  So keep it easy and simple and just have everything on wire hangers.) 

Tip 2:   Keep all your clothes and shoes in size order as much as possible. Trust me it makes it easier to tag and to load in your stuff at time of check in. 

Tip 3:  Do the same with toys and books.  Clean them.  Make sure  all parts and pieces are gathered together and attach properly with ziplock bags and packing tape.  Most veterans to consignment sales do this already.

Tip 4:  I took this a step farther.  I wrote down as I put items in storage.  So I have a handy list of all my items that I'm going to sell.  And I sit down with my list and enter in all my information that I need and I don't have pile surrounding me.  I also don't have to worry about the cats laying on them or my son getting close with that chocolate ice cream cone.
Tip 5:  Your items will sell better if they are neat and tidy.  So button, snap and zip everything up, and iron out any wrinkles.