Minutes may seem to go by slow or fast, but they are all sweet. Once they are they are gone. Come along with me on my adventure of mom, teacher, and wife.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yummy Pasta Recipe

If you are like me and shop with coupons... really shop with coupons you have stock piled on pasta. 
I found the following recipe on Mueller's website.  It is easy.  I'm going to write a bit different directions then they have on the website.  That way if you are in a rush like I was you won't be stirring forever like I was waiting for the sauce to thicken. Also this will feed an army.  I have soooo much left over.
Tax Day Tomato Bacon Rotini

6 ounces Rotini
1/4 cup butter or margarine
1/4 cup all- purpose flour
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
2 3/4 cup milk
1 1/2 cup grated cheese
8 slices of bacon, cooked adn crumbled
2 medium tomatoes, chopped (you can use some of those canned chopped tomatoes)

1. Cook Pasta according to package directions.  Drain, cover and set aside.
2. In a large saucepan, melt butter.  Stir in flour, salt and pepper.  Slowly blend in milk.  Cook stirring constantly, until thickened and bubbly.
3.  Add in cheese, bacon, tomatoes and pasta; toss to coat.
4.  Heat through and serve immediately.

Time saving hint. While cooking pasta.  Microwave bacon and start sauce.
Below is a picture of my creation.  :) Have fun cooking!

Red Box free movie

Redbox FREE Rental Code Good Thru 3/1

FREE Redbox Rental Code
Get a free DVD rental at your local Redbox thru tomorrow, Monday 3/1.
Simply use Redbox promo code: RBXLUV4U. This can be used once per debit/credit card, so you can rent more than one for free by using different cards!
Thanks Deal Seeking Mom for this code!
I so recommend signing up for Redbox.  About once a month you get a code. And if you use more than one debit/credit card you can get more than one.  One for the kids and one for the parents. :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Pampers and Huggies Points

Even if you don't have little ones in Diapers or training pants. Both Huggies and Pampers has reward programs.  And now you don't have to buy their products to get them. Once you collect a certain amount of points you can cash them in for various prizes toys, pictures, gas cards etc. Because some awsome bloggers have already done the work of listing the codes I'm just going to direct you to their sites.  There seems to be referral programs which you can get more points for referring.  Other than emailing you I don't know how they know how you heard about it.  So again, rather than spending the day searching I'm just going to direct you to others.  If they benefit great. They are doing an awesome job.
For Huggies Codes go to Freebies 4 Mom blog.
For Pampers Codes go to Southern Saver blog.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

knitting every 4th Thursday

So I knit.  I'm not advanced. and I'm not a beginner.
I have started a knitting group.  This is only our second time.
It is great motivation to finish those project.  And everyone here can appreciate that blanket, scarf, sweater, hat, square etc that you knitted. Because we know the sweat and tears that it took.  Anyways I have a few more empty chairs so if you want to join us. And maybe not tonight at 7ish to 9ish. The plan is to every 4th Thursday from 7 to 9ish. It doesn't matter what level you are at or if you just want to sit and chat.  I will provide some drinks (non alcoholic) and you bring your needles and thread.

New Swag Code Worth 20 Swag Bucks

Search & Win
New Swag Code out.  I just got my 20.  I cannot give the code but the hint is located in the Swag Blog .
The site is running a bit slow with everyone signing on at the same time to get the hints.
You do have until Midnight PST.  So if the site is running way too slow for you you have time.
I cannot tell you what it is, but I can give you an additional hint.  It is new.
If today is your first day with Swag Bucks that is not much of a hint. And if you ask I will give another clue to the newbies.

less painful dentist visit

Thank you to Kati Auton for Sharing her Couponing 101 skills!  Also thank you for telling us about a great way to make the next dentist visit less painful, at least to your wallet. Oral-B is offering a $15 for your next Dental Visit.  It does look like you have to buy a rechargeable toothbrush first.  But you have until June 30th.  So finding the right coupons who knows.

Happy Birthday Swagbucks

Happy Birthday SwagbucksToday is Swagbucks 2nd birthday and they are giving lots of  buck away today.  Sign up and you get bonus bucks.  I've heard that they are giving away 60 Swag bucks today for signing up.
Search & Win
I almost have enough for a $5 Amazon Gift Card. 
So Sign up and us my code.
It is case sensitive.
Ways to earn.  
1. Use the Toolbar, Use It Frequently
You can't earn Swagbucks unless you use Swagbucks to search. The easiest way to remember to use it is to have it in front of your face, at the top of your web browser. Just visit the "Toolbars" tab to download a toolbar or plugin.

2. Search for Your Website, Don't Browse
Instead of typing in "Amazon.com" into your web browser, use the Swagbucks Toolbar and search for "Amazon". So just leave off the ".com" part. Pay attention to make sure you are headed to the right website (the full url is displayed below the search result in green text) and you can look for "Official Site" text by the name of the site. But don't search repeatedly for the same term - that would violate the official rules (thanks for leaving a comment, Kaymore).

3. Pay Attention When You Win (Word Verify Your Wins)
That's because on a random basis they will ask you to complete a word verification. If you "search & win" but don't complete the word verification in time then you lose those Swagbucks. Believe me - it's happened to me because I clicked on another tab before waiting to see if I won. Don't let it happen to you - one of my readers commented and said you have 3 minutes to enter the word verification.

4. Win When Your Friends Win
Referrals are the key to earning more Swagbucks. So tell everyone you know - in conversation, by email, on Facebook, on Twitter. My first impression of Swagbucks was "this can't be real, maybe those gift card prizes are real - but surely it takes forever to earn them". Well - the gift cards are indeed real, and if you use Swagbucks on a regular basis and refer your friends you can redeem your Swagbucks for the gift cards you want faster than you would guess. So now I tell everyone I know about it.

5.  Swag Code Hunts
There will be codes hidden and once you find them enter them into your Account Summery are of Swagbuck home page.  They will give you clues on Facebook fan site and Twitter.

6.  Trivia Games
On Twitter they have trivia and the first people to reply will get rewarded.

water filters

So our water had gotten really bad.  Like 3rd world country bad.  Our hot water especially.  Taking baths and showers had to be quick and the cold the water the cleaner you got. 
Well if you know us. You know that my parents are in town my dad has to have a to do list. 
Sweet, right! It's ok to be a little bit jealous. Free handy man whom you can trust.  So with them staying a day.  I figured installing an inline water treatment system wouldn't be too hard.  Yeah well thanks for some awesome help by Mamie at Fergusons at 910 Cobb Pkwy NE  we got a whole house water filtration system made by 3M Aqua-Pure.  It will cost more that the GE systems at Home Depot but well worth it.  We tried going that route and it was nothing but headaches and many trips to Home Depot. 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Free Family Circle Magazine

This will go fast.  Get your free year subscription to Family Circle.  Just got mine.  You don't have to do all the surveys to get this.  There is a place to choose skip them.

Thanks Coupon Cravers for posting this on twitter.


Search & Win
I'm just starting to look into this. Some people do really well with this.  Use Swagbuck to search and get points that transforms into free gift cards.  Become a fan on Facebook and Twitter and they give you hints on where you might find bonus codes.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Betty Crocker Coupons

Here are some high value Betty Crocker Coupons
Most say do not double.  And expire beginning to mid March. But you maybe able to get free to nearly free sweets with these.
.50/1 Pam  exp 3/4
1.00 buy 1 cookie and 1 frosting exp 3/19  (DNDOT)
.75/1 cake mix exp 3/19 (DNDOT)
.50/1 Brownie mix exp 3/19 (DNDOT)
.50/1 Wesson Oil 48 oz  exp 3/4

Give a Day Get a Day at Disney Parks

You can get a free day pass from Disney by volunteering.  These volunteer opportunities are wide and varied. The catch is that you have to claim your ticket this year at the gate and you can only use at one park. So no park hopping. And there are options if you are a season pass holder.  So if you already volunteer see if what your doing will qualify you.  If nothing else you can donate your ticket to Boys and Girls clubs. Or you are planning to go to Disney or Orlando or California you may want to look into this.

Monday, February 15, 2010

coupon counterfeiting and fraud

The CIC  website will help you if you think your coupon might be counterfeit.  Most coupons will not be emailed to you via someone else.  If you get an emailed forwarded to you from someone that contains a free or nearly free coupon. It is most likely a counterfeit.

There is  consequences to coupon counterfeit and fraud.
Coupon Fraud is prosecuted.
     Meet the CIC, they prosecute coupon fraud and boast about having never lost a case since 1986. 
     The penalties they have seen:
     Longest prison sentence: 17 years
     Highest financial penalty: $5 million.
     Prison sentences of three to five years are not uncommon. 
     Financial penalties generally vary, but have often been in excess of $200,000.

Stay honest in your couponing.  Here are some rules to follow.

Always follow the words on the coupon.  If it says it is for a 6oz bottle, then buy the size indicated.  While it might work for another size or even product that is fraudulent use of the coupon.

Don’t intentionally use expired coupons.  If your store has said that it is okay, you should still ask before using one on every trip.  Most stores DO NOT allow any.

You should never make a copy, scan, or fax of a printable coupon in any way.  There are lots of security features built into these coupons.  While they may scan in the grocery store - the store will never get reimbursed for them.

Thanks Southern Savers.

Coupons and sunday inserts

So I am working on a couponing section.  I am not a 100% expert on extreme couponing.  Since I started doing this in late November.  But have been getting frustrated that my Thursday and Sunday inserts have not been matching up with other websites.  If you live in East Cobb you maybe getting 2 free papers on Thursday. I don't always get them  our street gets skipped quite often with one or both papers.  These have coupon inserts which are close to your Sunday paper but are often different.  So I am developing a system that I can double check both Thursday and Sunday papers and maybe give some better coupon match ups if you live in the East Cobb Cobb Area of Atlanta.

Shutterfly Sweet Deals continued

Sweet Deals continued
So I have placed my ordered.  My total was $8.10.  I ordered 26 prints. This put my total before discounts over $30.  So I could use the Ship30 discount which gave free shipping. I used the 25% off photo books.  And I had $15 off from a promo code that was issued in December. And I used a code for free 25 prints.
There is a code for 75 prints out there PRINTS.  But I could not get it to work.  Maybe if I didn't have the one already for the 25 free prints.  Also couldn't get SWEET40 to work for me. But if you can get it to work for you it will give you 40% off a photo book.  Most of these deals expire in a couple of days.  The 25 free prints expires today.
Have fun creating.

sick and sicker and sickest

Well our whole family has a cause of a stomach virus. Sweet! Happy Valentines weekend! So we have holed up enjoying the view of the Ga snow from our windows. My poor son and husband have had the brunt of it. But hey we are almost caught up on our TV viewing.  Gotta love DVRs and HULU.  My husband has connected a computer that acts as our DVR using windows media center. You just need to have a computer with a TV tuner card.  If you have a Mac I'm sure there is a way to do this also.  We just happened to have a spare laptop.  (It helps when your husband is in IT.) And just had to add a TV tuner card to it.  There is no subscription cost and don't have to have cable. In fact we don't have cable TV just Cable Internet. So sorry about not updating the site.  I guess if I brought my computer into the living room I might get more done on it. But then I wouldn't get any knitting done.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Shutterfly Sweet Deals

Sweet deals one Shutterfly
These worked for me.  Not sure if they will work for everyone.
25% off a photo book.  exp 2/17                    Promo code: SWEET25
25 prints free.  exp 2/15                                  Promo code: 25FREEPRINTS
free shipping on order over $30.  limited time   Promo code: SHIP30

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Free Excedrin

Here is a coupon for free Excedrin. This a one question survey. Be sure not to answer Excedrin. And fill out your address. It will be mailed to you.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Painted Glasses

So for Christmas I had many projects. Here is the painted glasses. I did mainly white wine glasses. I got them on sale at Ikea. But You will see pictured a red wine glass, white wine glass and a water glass. You do need a special paint for this. And you will need to fire them. I did this by sticking them in the oven. The paint had instructions on what temp and how long. Clean your glass with rubbing alcohol. The paint doesn't stick well when dirty or has oils from your skin.  Here is the link to down load the pdf of the original project.  I did make changes to mine. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Natural Instinct

1 Thessalonians 5:11 (NAS)
 Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.
 Truth: If God makes the animals with their instinct to encourage.  How much more should we?

I had a female cardinal bird stuck in my garage the other day.  I tried to help her out to guide her to outside.  She really was quite frightened of me.  What stood out to me was that she had a friend.  A couple of them.  But one that was close.  This other female cardinal was just squawking and flying around outside.  She actually dive bombed me once.  There was at least one other in the bushes or trees some where caring on.  We all need friends when we are stuck, to cheer us on to keep going and trying granted the windows in our garage that are impossible to open and close are not the way to go.  But these other birds where there for her and cared for her.  And I didn’t get her out. But her friends finally help find her way out.  Are we that much different?  We are God’s creation and we are social beings.  We need other women to help us and encourage us, who will try to protect us.  You do not have to go through this journey of motherhood alone.  You are not meant to. You are not alone.  Others are going through what you are.  Also know that God is your ultimate friend and mate and He will always be there.  Just cry out to Him.  I mean really gut wrenching, raw cries.  He will be there for you and will help you find the special friend that can help you, if she isn’t there already.  Motherhood has taught me so much and one lesson is to be real and ask for help and be a help to other moms. 

Restaurant.com food and flowers.

Enter Discount Code: HEART 
Restaurant.com: Eat. Drink. Save Money.

Limited time free $15 reward from FTD with order. Limitations... see website.

Publix Weekly Ad 2/3-2/9 or 2/4-2/10

Here is my Publix run.  Saved $53.33 and spent $32.08.  Not my best coupon work.

Couple of items with out coupons. Trident Mangoberry  on sale $1.25  and Sugar 5lbs $2.49 (very sad this was the penny item earlier but buying the Wednesday or Thursday Paper for just this was not worth it.).

A tip that I forget to do myself.  As your walking the isles and you see a blinkie or a tear pad with coupons on a product you like or matches with a product you like.  Take 2 at that time, because when it goes on sale it most likely still be there.  I missed out on a couple of good deals today because I forgot to this.

Thanks to Southern Savers for these Match ups

Buy One Get One Deals

  • Kellogg’s Special K Cereal, 11.4-14 oz, or Granola, 19.5 oz, at $3.99 ($1.99)
    -$1/2 Special K Cereal RP 1/3

    -$1 off Special K Granola printable (makes it 99¢)
    Free Dannon Yogurt (2) 6 oz cups wyb Special K Granola tearpad (could not find this tear pad today 2/9)
  • French’s Classic Yellow Mustard 14 oz Squeeze Bottle, at $1.79 (89¢)
    -.50/1 French’s Mustard SS 1/24 or printable (makes it free plus overage!)
    -.35/1 French’s Mustard SS 1/24
  • Kraft Velveeta Cheese Product, 16 oz, at $3.85 ($1.92)
    -$1 off Velveeta Cheese printable (makes it 92¢)  there doesn’t seem to be any left.
    -$1/2 Velveeta and Rotel “Game Day Greats” booklet
    -$.55 off  (2) Rotel tearpad (this tearpad was not out today  2/9
  • Nabisco Crackers or Ritz Crackerfuls, 5.5-10 oz box, at $3.39 ($1.69)
    -$2/2 Nabsico Crackers printable (IE) or printable (FF)
    (makes it 69¢ each)
    -$1 off Nabisco Crackers Dec 2009 Kraft Food And Family Mag
    -$1 off Nabisco Crackers SS 1/24
    (makes it 69¢)
    -$1 off Nabisco Crackers “Game Day Greats” booklet
    -$1 off Ritz Crackerfuls SS 1/10 or printable (IE) or printable (FF)
    (makes it 69¢)
  • Yoplait Trix & Kids or Original Yogurt, 6 pk, at $2.79 ($1.39)
    -$1/2 Yoplait Go-Gurt Yogurt, Kids or Trix Multipack Yogurt, SS 1/3, 2/7 printable (IE) or printable (FF)
    -.40/1 Yoplait Kids, Go-Gurt or Trix printable or here or here (watch your coupons all of my .40/1 said do not double… makes it 59¢ if your coupon doubles )
    -.80/2 Yoplait Go-Gurt or Trix, printable or here or here
    -.35/1 Yoplait Go-Gurt, Kids or Trix Multipack Yogurt SS 2/7  this coupon was separate form SS and was with General Mills coupons (Double makes it 69¢)
  • Birds Eye Voila! Meals, 21-23 oz, at $4.99 ($2.49)
    -$1/2 off Birds Eye Voila SS 1/10 or printable
    -$1.50/2 Viola! Meals SS 1/10
    (makes it $1.74)
  • Arm & Hammer Toothpaste, PeroxiCare, or Complete Care, 6-6.3 oz box, at $2.99 ($1.49)
    -$1 off Arm & Hammer Toothpaste printable (makes it 49¢)
  • Glass Plus Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner, 32 oz, at $2.49 ($1.24)
    $1 off Glass Plus Cleaner, printable (makes it 24¢)


  • Breakstone’s Sour Cream 16 oz, 99¢
    -$1/2 Breakstones Sour Cream, 16oz+ SS 1/24 or printable (makes it 49¢)
    -.55/1 Breakstones Sour Cream SS 1/24 or printable  (makes it 44¢)
  • Claussen Pickles, Spears or Sauerkraut, 20-32 oz, $2
    -$1 off Claussen Pickles printable
  • Silk Soy Milk  $2.89 (not on sale)
    -.75/1 Silk Soy Milk printable

Personal Care

  •  Band-Aid Adhesive Bandages, 10-80 ct pkg, $2.29
    -$1 off Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid Product RP 1/3
  • Suave Kids $2.19
    -$.55/1 Publix exp 2/13 The Little Book of Big Buys is found in Publix Stores. Some stores still have these. .50/1 printable (makes it 64¢)
  • Degree Deodorant $2.49
    -$.55/1 Publix exp 2/13 The Little Book of Big Buys is found in Publix Stores. Some stores still have these. + $1/1 not sure which date (makes it 94¢)

Friday, February 5, 2010

There is Perfect and then there is Perfect

1 John 4:18 NAS
There is no fear in love; but perfect love cast out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love. 
Truth:  Perfectionism can cause fear. Perfect Love can cast out fear. 

Ok so I'm sort of a perfectionist.  The type that if it is not perfect I can't and/or won't do it.  So I procrastinate. But really this is fear not perfectionism.  It was quite mind blowing revelation.  Which I'm sure everyone else is saying duhhhh.  But it lead to me starting this blog, and that is why I'm posting this as my first devotional.
I know that God's love for me (and you) is perfect.  Ask God as I have done to cast out fear within.  Stop trying to make everything perfect.  It too often stalls the objective at hand and makes us miss the opportunities right in front of us.

Kroger Today: Saved $42.16 Spent $ 23.91 63% savings

Here is my list and coupon match ups. Don't know if the links will show up.
Thanks to Southern Savers for the majority of these match ups.

Kroger Weekly Ad 1/31-2/6 

Mega Event Deals have to buy 10 items.  For every 10 items you get $5.00 off or .50 off each item.  Prices below reflect .50 off each item.
  • Nabisco Snack Crackers 4-10 oz at $1.69
    -$2/2 Nabisco Cracker Products printable (FF), printable (IE) (makes it 69¢)
    -$1/2 Nabisco Crackers “Game Day Greats” Booklet
    -$1/2 Nabisco Crackers SS 12/13 (exp 1/31)
    -$1/1 off Nabisco Crackers any 6-16.5 oz SS 1/24 (makes it 69¢)
  • Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers 6.6 oz at 88¢ ea                                                        -.75/1 off Pepperidge Farm Goldfish 6.6 oz  printable
    -.50/1 off Pepperidge Farm Goldfish 6.6 oz + Kroger Home Mailer (makes it FREE + overage )
  • Quaker Quakes Rice Snacks 3-3.5 oz at 49¢ ea
    -.75/1 Quaker Rice Snacks RP 1/10 (makes it FREE + overage)
  • Capri Sun Drinks 10 ct at $1.37 ea
    -$1/2 Capri Sun 10 pk printable (makes it 87¢ each)
  • Rotel .49
    -.30/1 Rotel Tomatoes SS 1/24 (this coupon doubles makes it FREE + overage)
    -$1 off Velveeta and Rotel “Game Day Greats” booklet
    -.55/2 Rotel Tomatoes in store dispenser
  • Kraft Cheese bars or shreds 8 oz or singles 10.7-12 oz 99¢ ea
    -$1/2 any Kraft or Cracker Barrel Natural cheese SS 1/24 and printable (makes it 49¢)

  • Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers $1.49
    -.40/1 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers SS 1/03, 12/13 (this coupon doubles makes it .69 each)
    -$1/2 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers SS 1/03, 12/13

Grocery- other items I bought not on the Mega Event Deal

  • Kroger Organic  Ketchup 20 oz at $1.99 ea ( has no high fructose corn syrup)
  • manager special  Healthy Life whole grain bread .49 ea regular price  $1.00( has no high fructose corn syrup)
  • Kroger sloppy joe mix spice package at .49 ea
  • Kraft Parmesan cheese $3.49                                                                                                      -$1/1 Kraft Parmesan Cheese printable

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome to Being Mom

Come laugh with me and sometime at me.  I really don't care.  Just knowing that I made you laugh make me smile.  And hay smiling and laughing is the some of the best ways to burn calories. It won't burn that twinkie I may or may have not just ate, but every bit helps.  Sweet now that I've gotten that out my system.
Come and be a mom with me. I'm not a perfect writer, mom, wife, bookkeeper or housekeeper so give me grace. Trust me I need a lot, even to stand up and walk. We will have an adventure.