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Thursday, January 6, 2011

a homemade christmas gift

  So last year I created one that said love in bright yellow.  This year I did joy... next year peace or hope.

  These are quite simple and quite complicated at the same time. I've used pre-painted white mdf board.  I get the larger size and cut them into the correct sizes.
  Then I spray paint them white.  The ends don't take well to the spray paint so I paint them with craft paint.  This give it a nice glossy finish.

  Next I tape out a border and the lettering (once the white paint is dry first of course).  I've noticed other artist are using a screen printed method to do this.  Since I'm not mass producing I just reuse the lettering.  Sticking it on wax paper when I'm not using it. 
  To achieve the lettering I first did the letters on the computer and printed them out.  Since Joy was a short word I was able to fit it on one sheet. I then put the blue painters tape on wax paper and then taped the page to the wax paper.  (I taped mine together) then cut out both paper and wax paper with tape at the same time.
  Next I spray paint on the final color.  Usually 2 coats.  Once the paint is fully dry you can remove the tape. The kicker is if you mess up you have to throw out the board and start over.  With mdf you can sand it down and redo.

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