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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Allowances and Chores

Allowances and Chores
This topic seems to be a touchy one, at least the allowance part. We determined for our family right now that we were not going to an allowance per say. But with certain chores done money will be received. Part of this is to find out what chores my son would like to do and what he hates to do. So I've researched and I've looked at tons of charts.
And part of that comes with knowing what chores are appropriate for your child's age. So I developed a responsibility chart.
But many of you like me on other people chore charts will say (or think)... I want your back ground information! Because every family will want to do things differently and you might want to even tailor your list per a child.

My favorite is from Organizing Junkie in this particular blog she has a link to another web-page that has responsibility by age. Brilliant!
Since doing this research I have fallen in love with her blog ( Organizing Junkie) and inch by inch and baby step by baby step I'm be coming more organized.

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