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Thursday, October 6, 2011

product testing-Swiffer 360

I've have signed up with a website called Vocal Point. They send you products to test with some coupons.  I recently just received a Swiffer 360.  I wasn't sure about recommending it or not.  So here is what I found.  It works great, but it gets dirty quick. I have severe dust allergies.  I'm very sensitive to dust flying around. So I would have to have a ton of those refills.  The 360 part is great and it picks up dust great.  It is gentle enough to use on electronics and your finer items without having to move them and doesn't leave smudges.  I just can't get a whole room done with just one. So I recommend to have on hand for for a quick dust.  But for your regular to heavy duty dusting.  I would still use a spray and dust cloth.

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