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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Food Storage

Many of you know I am a huge couponer.  In order to take advantage of the best price, I often have to "stock up".  Many people say they don't have room for this.  And as far a fresh, refrigerated, and freezer foods.  This maybe true.  I did get a half chest freezer because my little side by side did not have enough room to store much at all.  I like to freeze a lot of things. Some things that may surprise you that freeze well is cheese and liquid non dairy creamer.  Some kids yogurts freeze well, but most yogurts do not.

I found this great brochure at Publix a while back and just refound it while I was going through stuff.  I hoped that I could find it online to share with you but it looks like no one has it.  It is called   "The Food Keeper, A Consumer Guide To Food Quality And Safe Handling"  It is developed by Food Marketing Institute.   It has so much great information in one place.  If you go to Publix ask for it!  But on their website it does have a place where you can search by food product.
In a yellow area you can put in your food product and out pops how long and where it should be stored.
Looks like this:
To search for a specific food, enter a search word here:

 Once you have done your search it may
Like this:
Food Refrigerator Pantry Freezer Special
Dips, sour cream based  2 weeks  Do not freeze 
Sour cream  7 to 21 days  Doesn't freeze well  Cover tightly. To prevent bacteria from spreading to leftover cream, don't return unused cream to original container. Keep covered. 

But here are some other helpful links
Cornell University links and USDA links seem to be the most helpful.
Cornell University:

Food Safety.gov
Fight Bac!

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