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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Free or $1 Summer Movies

Summer Movie "Camps"  Will be starting the first week or June and will go until the last week of July.  (At least in the Atlanta Area)  There are three movie houses that usually do this.  AMC, Regal, and GTC (Georgia Theater Company).  These are all G or PG rated movies. (Like Horton Hears a Who)  Tickets at the door.  The more popular the movie the sooner you need to get there to get your ticket. AMC has not released their schedule yet.  Last year they were a $1 for tickets(snacks regular price), Regal is FREE (last year snacks were regular price), and GTC is $1 admin (if you want)$1.50 kids popcorn size, $1.50 kids drink sizes.  So if you want to go all in for popcorn and drink it was cheaper last year to go to a GTC. Movies start at 10 am.  Doors open to buy tickets ... depends on theater. Regal movies are on Tuesday and Wednesday and GTC movies are on Tuesday and Thursday. These are great on those days when it is rainy and you need to get out.  And don't worry if your wiggle worm does not have great movie etiquette, you will be in good company.

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