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Monday, May 3, 2010

Edible Garden

I have started an edible garden of sorts. Prompted by my son.  I have some pictures here to show you.  I am really proud of how everything is going so far because I am a self proclaimed black thumb.  no really.... I can kill the unkillable plants. Sunflowers that we first planted ... well died. The Carrots that we planted at the same time have taken off.
the lettuce, bell peppers and tomatoes are coming in nicely.
bell peppers or tomatoes or both
The Strawberries in the planting bed ... I've not seen a sprout for, but did get some actual plants to put in the Topsy Turvy strawberry holder. And one watermelon plant.
We tried digging an area to plant the carrots, lettuce and lone watermelon plant, but red clay roots, rock and rain have gotton the better of us. Before the rain it was 6" deep. Need it to be a foot deep. 
So how many of you are trying to plant edible gardens this year? And how are yours doing?

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