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Monday, April 19, 2010

Making seeding pots out of Newspaper

I saw this in Nana's Birds & Bloom Magazine April/ May 2010. I think this is brilliant way to reuse all those newspapers from couponing. 
What you need is newspaper and maybe a bit of masking tape.
1. Take a sheet of newpaper and cut into fourth.  You will only need to use one layer of paper. Also to save time you can cut many layers at once.
2. Use a small round container like a spice jar  and roll the paper around it, leaving about an inch overhanging at one end. Don't roll to tightly, or it will be hard to get the jar out later.
3.  Fold the overhang in as if you were wrapping a present. Then seal with masking tape.
4.  Remove the jar and then fold the edges all around the top.  This helps with stability and gives you a shorter pot.
5. Repeat until you have all the pots you want.
Also on this page, in the magazine, it had other uses for Newspaper like: line you compost pail with newspaper, add 4 layers to ground before adding mulch to help keep out weeds, and donate to animal shelter. There were 10 tips in all.

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