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Friday, April 30, 2010

What you doing this weekend?

ok so this is my usual Friday post.  There does not seem to be much going on.
Tonight is Parent's Night Out
Holt Road Baptist Church- East Cobb
Milford Church of God- Austell
 (see previous post for more info)

Lowes has their kids workshops.  A school house I believe. Must register on their website.
Home Depot is having a work shop.  Must register in person.

Micheal's is having a bunch of crafts some you have to pay for.  Almost every day this next week.

Lakeshore Learning Center has their usual free craft.

So what are we doing. Parent's Night Out at Holt Rd Baptist. We might go to the Home Depot one if I get there today and if there is any room left. Yard work. (I need to get some ground dig up a bed for planting the lettuce and carrots that have sprung up. and spread mulch on the playground.) We will see how much of that happens with the forcast. And well we are going rearrange a room.
What does your weekend look like?
Do you know of any other events?

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