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Friday, April 9, 2010

the planting itch

So I don't know about you, but I've gotten the planting itch.   I am a self declared black thumb gardener.  But I love plants, and flowers.  Even though I am allergic to all types of pollen imaginable. So maybe it is just spring or the allergy drugs but I've started to garden. Sort of. Most of my plants are in containers.
I am starting to cure my black thumb. I think it might be brown at this point.  I don't really know the in between thumb colors. A couple of years now at our MOPS (Mother of Preschoolers) group we had a master gardener come.  Also I went to a Ladies Night Out at a Smith & Hawken (These stores seemed to have all disappeared.) where we got do do some hands on gardening. (If you are a to-be mom up to kindergarten age I so recommend you look into a local MOPS group.) 

Sorry for the side trek. Back to Gardening.
I am trying to do a lot of things by seed this year.  So we shall see. I'm also trying strawberries. (Per request of my son.)  So what I have learned it is better to get your plants and seed from your local nurseries.  I've had good luck with Pikes , freecycle and a local nursery called Grower's Outlet.   This year I am planting marigolds early.  They did help keep the squirrels for taking my tomatoes last year. We have very "friendly" squirrels. And also make sure there is the right amount or drainage under your roots. This might mean you need to dig deeper here in red clay land add soil before plant. And if you did not get the fertilize soil remember to add some fertilizer. Read the packaging and ask LOTS of questions. That is my wisdom on planting.

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