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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

All Natrual weed and bug Product

Really I need to to start on my back up of blogs, but that will happen later.
But for right now I will tell you about an amazing product(s) out there for gardening.
The product line is called

Pharm Solutions

Worlds First USDA / National Organic Program Certified Organic Pesticides
Non Toxic Weed and Grass Killer Organic Horticultural Oil Organic Deer Repellent; Organic Fungicide


When Smith & Hawkins stores were around I got this great product from them called Indoor Pharm. It is meant for your indoor plants to helps with fungus and spiders etc.  But I used it on my outdoor container plants.  It worked great for two year until I ran out.  I have tried the stuff they sold at stores and have not liked the results as much as this product.  That being said.  They have a whole line of products mainly all for gardening.

Not sure the shipping cost but the 1 Liter product ready to use is around $13.
I think that this next time I might get the Veggie Pharm. 

Other products they sell are Organic Weed Killer, Weed Pharm, Rose Pharm, Flower Pharm, Garlic Pharm, Oil Pharm, Deer Pharm, Fungus Pharm, and Fish Pharm.

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