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Friday, June 11, 2010

Veggie Garden

There is nothing like bumping around in the dark and stubbing your toes.  That is what I am doing with a veggie "garden" this year.  All of this was started from my son wanting to plant some things.  I don't think our crops will have a high yield this year.
(warning tangent) But if your like me and are experimenting with growing your own produce.  Not a bad idea. I've read several blogs about cost analysis about growing your own veggie garden (none of which I can find now) and it gets cheaper the longer you do it. The first year you still save but the amount is minimal. But it is a great way to eat healthy. (now back to point)
Since this is my first year doing more than a tomato plant I have been well bumping around in the dark as to when (and some hows) of growing veggie.  Thanks to my Aunt Sandy, here is a Vegetable garden calender for Georgia. It was done by UGA. It is a pdf. so print and put with gardening stuff.  I might just input stuff on my google calender (geek alert). Happy Growing!

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