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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vaca in Sunny Flordia

   So some of you may know that we have been on vacation in sunny Florida. Thanks to our gracious family giving us some of their timeshare point allotment.  And some of you may know that we used to live in the Tampa Bay area so it has been nice to see some old friends and family.  And some of you are saying and what is the point of this post.  Boy she is rambling and why do we care.  One.. that is the reason ... not so many post on the blog.  And mainly ...here is it is...  most of moms have to deal with "vacations" a time when really our work is doubled. And we need a quite hotel room for a day and night after our "vacation".  I've figured out that a lot of that is due that we feel like it is on our shoulders to make it a perfect experience for everyone else. (Cue "awh" music)
   This vacation was very impromtu and because most of the planning time that I had landed on the last several days of school, had to finish my cake decorating class, Dr visits and other errands time was not on my side.
   If I had one more day I think I would be coming home to a nice clean house, but oh well.  It looks more like a tornado hit. What really was a life saver was all my "stocking up" from my couponing and freezer meals. We still had to buy things while we have been here.  But meal planning has been supper easy and cost effective.   So to the relaxing part.  ( I know right three paragraphs later and she is finally making a point.) Keep meal time easy.  Frozen meals are great for this, just like at home. Get your family involved with meal time. It was so nice to grill out and let the boys do most of the work. Lunch was a couple of sandwich choice or leftovers. Also so many times we over plan things to do on our vacations. Which almost became the case here. Instead we are using our traveling days to double as "site seeing" (or people seeing) days.  I did do research on local parks.  That way if we needs times to stretch our legs some where else there was a quick inexpensive option.  My hubby loved being able to scope out some of the places just in case. 

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