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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bedtime and Morning Routines

Recently I ask on Facebook about age appropriate chores, and did you have any favorite resources. I have gotten a few comments and am still doing a bit more research.  I really do believe that chores are essential in a child's development and many others do to, but alias the only thing most people can agree on.  And I will say this parenting can be so different for each child and family situation.  So what I am about to post may or may not work for you and yours.
My son did real well with the Bedtime Routine Chart that I made him while in preschool.  I needed to tweak and add to it since he will be going to Kindergarten and add a Morning Routine Chart.  I laminated it with contact paper and hung it on his wall in his bedroom.  I hung it low so he could take a dry erase marker and check what finished.  Now he will just go to the list and make sure he has done everything.
The charts I just put together quickly in word and added their clip art.  Feel free to copy, adjust, and change wording.

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