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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Swagbucks

Happy Birthday SwagbucksToday is Swagbucks 2nd birthday and they are giving lots of  buck away today.  Sign up and you get bonus bucks.  I've heard that they are giving away 60 Swag bucks today for signing up.
Search & Win
I almost have enough for a $5 Amazon Gift Card. 
So Sign up and us my code.
It is case sensitive.
Ways to earn.  
1. Use the Toolbar, Use It Frequently
You can't earn Swagbucks unless you use Swagbucks to search. The easiest way to remember to use it is to have it in front of your face, at the top of your web browser. Just visit the "Toolbars" tab to download a toolbar or plugin.

2. Search for Your Website, Don't Browse
Instead of typing in "Amazon.com" into your web browser, use the Swagbucks Toolbar and search for "Amazon". So just leave off the ".com" part. Pay attention to make sure you are headed to the right website (the full url is displayed below the search result in green text) and you can look for "Official Site" text by the name of the site. But don't search repeatedly for the same term - that would violate the official rules (thanks for leaving a comment, Kaymore).

3. Pay Attention When You Win (Word Verify Your Wins)
That's because on a random basis they will ask you to complete a word verification. If you "search & win" but don't complete the word verification in time then you lose those Swagbucks. Believe me - it's happened to me because I clicked on another tab before waiting to see if I won. Don't let it happen to you - one of my readers commented and said you have 3 minutes to enter the word verification.

4. Win When Your Friends Win
Referrals are the key to earning more Swagbucks. So tell everyone you know - in conversation, by email, on Facebook, on Twitter. My first impression of Swagbucks was "this can't be real, maybe those gift card prizes are real - but surely it takes forever to earn them". Well - the gift cards are indeed real, and if you use Swagbucks on a regular basis and refer your friends you can redeem your Swagbucks for the gift cards you want faster than you would guess. So now I tell everyone I know about it.

5.  Swag Code Hunts
There will be codes hidden and once you find them enter them into your Account Summery are of Swagbuck home page.  They will give you clues on Facebook fan site and Twitter.

6.  Trivia Games
On Twitter they have trivia and the first people to reply will get rewarded.

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