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Thursday, February 25, 2010

water filters

So our water had gotten really bad.  Like 3rd world country bad.  Our hot water especially.  Taking baths and showers had to be quick and the cold the water the cleaner you got. 
Well if you know us. You know that my parents are in town my dad has to have a to do list. 
Sweet, right! It's ok to be a little bit jealous. Free handy man whom you can trust.  So with them staying a day.  I figured installing an inline water treatment system wouldn't be too hard.  Yeah well thanks for some awesome help by Mamie at Fergusons at 910 Cobb Pkwy NE  we got a whole house water filtration system made by 3M Aqua-Pure.  It will cost more that the GE systems at Home Depot but well worth it.  We tried going that route and it was nothing but headaches and many trips to Home Depot. 

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